Even though it rained all night it did stop long enough for me to take some pictures of rain drops hanging off things like leaves, flower, vines and even soggy bees. Such a warm morning at 13 Celsius which is fairly mild out for the middle of October in New Brunswick.

After my heart attack we didn’t renew our car lease as I was not allowed to drive for an indefinite length of time, which turned out to be 4 years. We still haven’t got a vehicle so I do most of my traveling on the sidewalks of Moncton, taking pictures of everything.

Our sunflowers are mostly done now but they still look great and are still attracting bees.

It’s been many years since I’ve seen small trees in front yard in Moncton but they are plentiful outside the city like while Casey and I were heading to French lake for a day of fishing Chain Pickerel.

We were just about to the launch when 6 or 8 whitetail deer crossed in front of us after getting their fill of Autumn apples.

It’s hard to concentrate on fishing with so much going on around me.
Where’d The Lake Go??

Casey’s truck at the waterWhen Casey back his boat down to the water it looked like he was backing up to the edge of a cliff as the fog was so thick we couldn’t even see the water.

When we did get out on the water is was slow going until we found the entrance to the channel we wanted to fish.

We pasted a few of these nets stretching out into the water. Glad we were going slow through here.

Not only was it a great day for foggy picture taking but it was also the most productive day we’ve had this year, for Chain Pickerel. I landed 35 and Casey landed 23 fish for the day. All were released for our kids to catch next year.

My fishing buddy Casey broke his record of 24” chain pickerel with this 25” one. Always a good feeling breaking a long standing personal record.

We fished in the fog for a couple of hours with me snapping pictures of anything that came into view through the fog. Definitely a photographers dream.
Dragonflies Everywhere

We usually see a lot of dragonflies at a distance but on our day of fishing they were landing on the boat as well as us. When they landed on Casey they were almost invisible his new winter ready suit was such a bright orange. Probably what attracted them to the boat. Smile

I hold the camera in my right hand but the sun was on my right side so they kept landing on my right arm making it tough to get any good pictures of them. This guy landed on my tackle box and posed for a couple of shots.